Boy de Chanel: Makeup for Men is Now a Thing, Apparently

Just because we at Man of Many aim to bring you the latest in products, culture and style for blokes, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with every single thing we post. Heck, it doesn’t have to mean that we have agree with every single thing we post. That’s the role of great reporting, though: present the facts as they appear to be and let the savvy reader decide.

Here is one such rare instance where the news is too good to not report, but its also something that’s left us scratching the hairs on our chinny chin chin.

Introducing Boy de Chanel.

That’s right, folks. Lipstick for lads. Blush for blokes. Foundation for fellas. Makeup for men. Concealer pour homme. However you want to phrase it, the House of Coco has strayed FAR from the norm, and decided to release this seemingly redundant product (though stranger things have taken off before).

And I say seemingly redundant with good reason: isn’t there already makeup for men? Isn’t it just called makeup? Our office is on Sydney’s Oxford St; believe me, some guys are already wearing plenty of makeup–they just get it in the same aisle as everybody else who wears the stuff (read: women).

Or so I’ve heard.

And there’s bugger all wrong with that. Whether it’s a bit of concealer on a nasty case of acne or glittery Geisha lashes on bingo night, plenty of guys already slap a bit of Mac on their faces once in a while (though admittedly far from the majority). It seems, though, that Chanel is on a mission to create a new market, either to destigmatise or capitalise: we’ll let you be the judge.

chanel makeup tinted pencil

The range includes a tinted pencil (or, rather, manscara, perhaps?), a “tinted fluid” (weird choice of words), a and a matte moisturising lip balm, which not only is not technically makeup, it already exists, and for a much lower price than Chanel will inevitably flogging theirs for when it hits the stores in January.

However you look at it, it’s a brave new world for the men’s grooming aisle if wearing makeup becomes mainstream.

Check it out

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