Hone Shaving Introduces Type 15t Razor

In contrast to nearly all modern razors, Kickstarter-backed Hone Shaving takes a truly artisanal approach to the beloved grooming blade. Entailed in the company’s MO is that you treat shaving itself as an art form and not just some mundane task. That is to say their minimalist razors exude refinement and don’t cut any corners. Each one emanates a uniform vibe and is made using hefty materials like solid brass and aluminium. Their legendary Type 15 Razor has garnered a strong following and was name dropped by the likes of GQ in 2016. Now the brand is preparing to unleash a limited edition follow up: the Type 15t. Needless to say, it looks stunning.

home shaving razor

Like its predecessor, the limited edition Type 15t Razor is a combination of prime material and simplified geometry. It weighs in at 89g thanks to a body of solid, raw, fully CNC machined titanium. The design is basic, yet indisputably sleek. Ultimately, this is a refined, harmonious three piece slab of grooming perfection. It’s also something that distinguishes itself by eliminating superfluous details.

home shaving brush

With every purchase of the Type 15t, owners will also receive other goodies. Namely, the razor comes with an eye-catching green and olive case, and a beautiful brush. The brush touts a solid titanium handle to lend it some weight for when you’re lathering up. All in all its an exceptional package for the modern groomer. If you’re ready to shave like a man, get yourself a man’s blade and check out Hone Shaving today.

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