Introducing Gravel: The Toiletry Bag for Today

It’s not everyday you get excited about something as seemingly mundane as a toiletry bag, but then again, it’s not everyday an impassioned design duo decide to tackle their wet-pack woes head on and create something as cool as the Gravel. Gravel is the toiletry bag for the modern traveller. With more bathroom-related products today than you can shake a soggy toothbrush at, the need to keep stuff in order when you’re on the road is more palpable than ever.

sitting the man hand of bag toothbrush

We’ve all had it happen to us. You arrive at the hotel after a long flight and unpack your gear, all in anticipation of a hot shower, clean teeth and a fresh face, only to find that your toothpaste has coated half your luggage in sticky mint-flavoured whiteness, your shampoo is all through your unmentionables and, worst of all, your toenail clippers are making love to your toothbrush. Gross.

this is the gravel toiletry bag

Gravel has fixed all of these problems, by creating the first toiletry kit to feature sealed-off, waterproof compartments to separate your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and such, as well as featuring several other mesh compartments for all your dry toiletry items, keeping everything nice and separate and organised. If anything explodes in transit, it stays contained in its section, without ever running the risk of ruining the rest of your cargo.

Available right now on Kickstarter, grab yourself a Gravel at a bargain price and support this great startup before they hit the market.

Check it out

men hand of gravel bag

men walk hand of bag

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