Marvis Toothpaste Gives a Full-Strength Experience

Marvis Toothpaste was originally intended to be used as a smoker’s toothpaste, necessitating that the flavors be extra strong and that the paste be effective at whitening and protecting teeth. Marvis is crafted in Florence, Italy, and first opened their doors in 1958. The flavors, which are bold and varied, have kept the same formulas since the company’s first days. Each flavor comes in an apothecary-inspired tube and is designed to deliver a powerful burst of intense mint and to help eliminate surface stains. Each formulation fights tartar, plaque, cavities, and decay while also fortifying teeth. Marvis offers Amarelli Licorice Mint, Whitening Mint, Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon Mint, and Classic Strong Mint. You can also pick up the Marvis Strong Mint Mouthwash, a highly concentrated alcohol-free mouth wash that you blend with four parts water to keep gingivitis, tooth decay, plaque, and bad breath at bay.

marvis toothpaste in a box

It’s not just the flavors, or even the efficacy, of the toothpaste that sets Marvis apart from the competition. It’s also the design. The tubes have a brushed aluminum look that contrasts with the colors of the different flavors, making those colors pop against the simple metal look. These aren’t just tubes of toothpaste, they’re also stylish additions to your bathroom. You won’t need to hide these away under the counter or in the medicine cabinet when guests come over.

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