The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9700 Series is the Smartest Toothbrush in the World

Teeth cleaning is an accessories dominated cosmetic health business. You obviously have a toothbrush for brushing, mouthwash for your breath, tongue scrapers for your tongue and floss for flossing out small bits of food. There are even all sorts of other treatments now to make your teeth as perfect as possible, from whitening strips to bleaching to professional dental tools that make it seem like you visit the dentist on a weekly basis. And all of this is good to do of course, for the health of your mouth… but what if there were some way to keep your mouth healthy without having multiple drawers full of accessories that take hours out of your day?

diamondclean smart electric toothbrush

Enter the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Toothbrush, which is basically like a dental hygenist built into an electric toothbrush. Not only are there eight different brush heads that give your mouth a complete, deep clean but the vibrations from the electric toothbrush itself shake loose any plaque build-up under the gums that may have escaped previous brushings. There is also a tongue cleaner, a travel case with charger, and Bluetooth capability, which we can only think has something to do with a coming feature that will allow it to X-ray your teeth, so you never have to actually visit the dentist ever again.

technological all instrument

If that’s the case, technology really will have given us all something to smile about.

Check it out

smartest toothbrush

hand of smart toothbrush

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