Hardgraft Nubuck Duffle is Meant to Be Casual

Too many duffle bags try to be everything you need. They carry your gym clothes, your work clothes, your computer, your shoes, your toiletries, your books…you get the idea. Hardgraft has abandoned that idea and created a bag that is meant to be purely casual. The Hardgraft Nubuck Duffle is deliberately designed to not fit your laptop. Instead, it’s designed to get you away from all that work and out doing the things you enjoy most.

inside view hard graft duffle bag

The duffle has a round design with two separate compartments. The bottom segment helps keep things organised—use it to hold your dirty clothes or your damp swimwear. The top holds those things that you need to keep clean or that you need easy access to, like your phone or keys.

duffle nags carry by man

The bag is made of velvet soft, sanded nubuck leather from Italy. Not only is this leather soft to the touch, it’s also extremely durable. Done in a desert sand color, the duffle lives up to its casual appearance. The bag measures 10 inches by 10 inches by 22.5 inches. The bottom compartment is zippable. The top also has a zipper. The bag is lined with Melange grey wool. There are also two exterior pockets with zippers and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Hard Graft Nubck Duffle zipper open by man

Hardgraft has been around since 2007, when the company launched its first product, a laptop sleeve. “Hardgraft” is an old British term that means “hard work” and the company has exhibited that quality since its inception, steadily growing and offering more and more high quality products. Hardgraft is committed to not only making products that work, but products that also look good.

That means that they are “constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the good.” Hardgraft may not be perfect for everyone, but they are the “exact right and spot on perfect brand” for some people—something they are damn proud of.

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