Harrods Exclusive Watches are “Made with Love”

World-renowned retailer Harrods is no stranger to craftsmanship and design in virtually every arena. With their new “Made with Love (& Precision)” campaign, Harrods gives the watch a stage all to itself, honouring artistry and innovation through a special edition line of timepieces made exclusively for the high-end department store.

harrods exclusive watches black and grey

The watches featured in Harrods’ campaign are nothing short of spectacular. Take, for instance, the TAG Heuer 02T, which packs an automatic winding mechanism and flying tourbillon inside a grade 5 titanium case for an incredibly light and durable timepiece. This is a watch that recently made headlines for bringing (relative) affordability to a style that was heretofore catering exclusively to the 1%. Elsewhere, Harrods emphasises the latest industry trends by showcasing a variety of colours through their “colour code” timepieces and then shining a spotlight on mechanics with “skeleton style” watches that aren’t afraid to bare their sophisticated insides. Among the “skeleton style” entries is the Bremont B2 Marine Chronometer, a collectible and downright spectacular symphony of function, durability and design.

harrods watch many dials

For lack of a better term, this is “watch porn” at its finest, the caviar of collectibility by way of brilliant engineering and superior design. Anyone who considers himself even a casual watch enthusiast should dedicate a chunk of time to checking out Harrods’ “Made with Love” campaign.

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