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Pop quiz: what’s light and heavy at the same time? The answer: Flexon Eyewear, which uses memory metal to create glasses that are supremely lightweight and flexible while still painstakingly sturdy. The brand has been “bending the rules” since 1988 through expert craftsmanship and pioneering technology.

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It all started in 1961. That’s when US Naval scientists began experimenting with a titanium metal alloy used to create missile heat shields. The scientists were shocked to discover that the metal would return to its original shape and form after undergoing dramatic impact. They tried things like hitting the titanium alloy with a hammer only to watch in wonder as it retreated back to its original formation like some sort of magical metal insect.

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Jump ahead to 1988. Eyewear manufacturer and distributor Marchon was only five years old but in that short time it rose to the top of the industry ranks. The crafty geniuses over at Marchon got their hands on that same memory metal alloy that military scientists were tinkering with in the early 60s. Amazed at the potential of such a resilient material, Marchon patented the metal and used it in their proprietary eyewear collection, and Flexon was born, as was a revolution in the possibilities of eyewear. The rest, as they say, is history.

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What gives Flexon such staying power is that patented memory metal alloy on the temples and bridge. Try twisting the frame and then pick your jaw up off the floor after watching it bounce back like Superman in titanium form. Flexon recently threw in some styles that combine Flexon memory metal material with rubber and stainless steel and the result is a pair of frames that are truly built to last and furthermore can adapt to any scenario. Flexon eyewear is truly the crossroads where absolute style and absolute function meet. The frames are comfortable, colourful, lightweight and resilient.

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Flexon has come a long way in the past two decades and like all great players they don’t rest on their laurels while on top of their game. As eyewear continues to advance the brand continues to improve by staying afloat of the latest in craft and technology.


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