The Henning: a Warby Parker X Ghostly Collaboration

Inspired by the ideals behind creativity and innovation, Warby Parker X Ghostly collaborated to create the Henning glasses. Ghostly International is a cultural curator, playing the part as an art gallery, design house, clothing designer, technology innovator, music-publishing company and record label, all at once. What started as a label known for good experimental pop and techno music, has bloomed into many different artistic outlets. Warby Parker was founded on the idea that the cost of designer eye wear were too high, and have since brought about socially conscious businesses with trendy glasses. The Henning pair of glasses are a jet black, minimalist and meticulous pair of eye wear that is crafted from premium matte acetate and Japanese matte titanium.

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Warby Parker X Ghostly Sunnies 6

Warby Parker X Ghostly Sunnies 4

Warby Parker X Ghostly Sunnies 3

Warby Parker X Ghostly Sunnies 1