Hentley Manali Leather Travel Wallet Will Have You Looking for Reasons to Go Abroad

Equipped with 5 card slots, an internal passport/document holder, an internal note compartment and an internal sleeve compartment, the Manali Leather Travel Wallet from Hentley has the basics covered in top-shelf style. In addition to its functional allure, the handmade travel accessory is bursting with quality by way of 100% vegetable-tanned leather construction. With this accessory in your possession, you’ll be looking for reasons to travel, if only to whip it out and impress those around you. Of course, you shouldn’t show the wallet off too much, lest you draw attention from savvy pickpockets, who will definitely know real leather when they see it. Refrain from petting that leather exterior when out in public and you should be just fine.

hentley manali leather travel wallet card

The best part about premium leather is that it develops a unique patina as it ages. In some regards, that makes the Manali Travel Wallet much more than a leather good. Some might even say it’s a living artifact that literally wears all your overseas adventures on its premium sleeve. If you’re striving for the extra personal touch, Hentley offers a complimentary monogram service of 1-4 uppercase letters.

hentley manali leather travel wallet back

Like an international jet plane, Hentley values expediency. To that end, the brand processes and ships every order in 24 hours or less. For Australian customers, they also throw in Express shipping for free. Get the Manali today, and take it somewhere exotic tomorrow. Now you’re living like a modern man.

Check it out

hentley manali leather travel wallet fold

hentley manali leather travel wallet inside

hentley manali wallet in hand

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