Hentley Manhattan Classic Leather Wallet is Slim, Simple and Sexy

Australia’s Hentley is an independent studio that does one thing and does it extremely well: make premium leather goods. For proof of their superb skills, look no further than their Signature Series, a line of handmade wallets that are as sophisticated as they are indestructible. Included in the range is the Manhattan Classic Leather Wallet. Touting a slim, durable profile, the eye-catching leather wallet hosts six card holders and a large note sleeve. Of course, what really makes this baby shine is the use of 100% vegetable tanned Italian leather, a material that instantly emanates with lustrous colour, and develops robust character over time.

hentley manhattan wallet card

Between its sturdy construction, brilliant colour, fine stitching and minimalist design, the Manhattan exudes a purposeful sense of timelessness. That is to say the wallet continues a tradition of handmade leather goods that’s never really gone out of style. Nowhere to be found are bells, whistles, computer chips or flashy colours. This is a classic leather good in the strictest sense of the concept, and we love it.

hentley manhattan wallet side

For those who like to keep their accessories classic and refined, this one’s got your name written all over it. And we mean that quite literally, in that Hentley offers a complimentary monogramming service of 1-4 uppercase letters. To make a great thing even greater, the brand ships every order within 24 hours or less. Sealing the deal is complimentary Express shipping to Australian customers. The result is premium craftsmanship and top shelf customer service in one accessible place–we don’t know anyone who argues with that.

Check it out

hentley manhattan wallet inside pocket

hentley manhattan wallet simple

hentley manhattan wallet in the box

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