Your Home, Your Clothes…right?

Here’s how to really rock a comfy end-of-day outfit.

This is a Guest Post from Mainline Menswear.

So you get in from work, take off the suit, tie and all, so you can sit down in front of the telly or Xbox with a pizza. It’s winter, and that walking around naked thing is less than fitting. In an age where life is all about ease and appearance there is a happy medium to be found between an old T-shirt and Y-fronts, Homer Simpson –esque attire and your Sunday best when it comes to what we wear to kick about the house.

There is a lot to be said for a wise man that recognises that comfort is a priority when he gets in from a long day at work. You may look dashing in your suit but there is a way to rock your comfies as well.

The Good

Slippers have to be the most underestimated piece of house wear. If you are not a slipper-wearer, where have you been? Slippers come in all shapes and sizes but for comfort and style work the loafer. The “I go with anything”, orgasm for your feet, suede moccasin. This style not only shows you care about your carpet to your female visitors (a house proud male makes for good boyfriend material) but will win you over with how suave they look. Gentlemanly and comfy, they have been worn for centuries with a smoking jacket and a pipe. slippers Suede Ted Baker moccasins

Then there is joggers, slouch-pants, trackies or whatever you call them. What can be better than slipping into fleece lined, elasticated waistband trousers after a frosty commute? But be warned: go for good quality and wash them if you happen to spill your TV dinner. Bobbles and stains are less than welcoming.  Here are some choices so that you don’t go wrong. sweat pnats Money Metal Ape – Eclipse Joggers, G-Star Raw – Kamuro 3D Sweat Joggers

Then, the hoodies. The best advice here is that if she tries to steal it, you got it right. You will just have to gently remind her that as much as she looks lovely in your sweater you don’t fit in hers, and in the manliest way possible, it’s cold. penfield brookport crew sweatshirt and franklin hooded jumperPenfield Brookport Crew SweatshirtFranklin Marshall Hooded JumperPaul Smith Hooded Jumper

The Bad

The onesie. It’s not that we’re against onesies, if you’re under 26 you can probably rock it, no worries, but if we are talking comfort you are probably better off without one. Comfort includes how you feel in an outfit and the chances are, you would feel a little silly answering your door to a neighbour wearing a onesie at 8pm on a Tuesday evening. If not, then go for it but know that it’s not quite so easy on and off, especially when the lavatory is involved. You are much better off with a tracksuit. franklin and marshall crew neck tracksuitFranklin and Marshall crew neck tracksuit,

The Ugly

Well that’s the thing, it’s your home and you can wear whatever you want. It’s not ugly if nobody sees it. But you’re not Quasimodo and if you want to look good with or without unexpected visitors hopefully we’ve given you a few tips to looking your best while feeling the best. Happy home-wearing.

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