Huffer is Taking On Australia

Huffer is an established name in some parts, but they are still quite fresh to the Australian fashion scene. Very confident in making noise locally, the iconic streetwear label has secured its place in the Australian market with collections already hanging in leading retailers like Glue Store and Super Glue stores nationwide. The brand also has plans to open their own retail stores this year for a more customized experience.

huffer  iconic streetwear brand

Already a house hold name in New Zealand, Huffer was born in 1997 from a combined love of skate and snow boarding. The interests have continued to influence the brand’s products, and they have since established themselves as an iconic streetwear brand with a global reach. On the list of fans is Orlando Bloom, who wore a Huffer t-shirt to the premier of Lord of The Rings in 2003 – if he wears Huffer, you should too.

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