We Chat Spring Racing Style with ASOS Ambassador Nathan Jolliffe

Since winning The Amazing Race in 2011, Nathan Jolliffe has made a name for himself not just as a seasoned traveller, but as a stylish doyen of gentlemanly garb, and his trademarked look of random tatts and clean surf vibes meets Bondi chic has pricked up the ears (and eyes) of the style conscious all over. One quick scroll through his Instagram account isn’t just a tour of the world, but a tour of a seriously eclectic wardrobe with no particular agenda other than to rep some quality steez on the streets of, well, anywhere. Jolliffe has just linked up with ASOS (those wonderful people who deliver threads to your door) as the handsome mug for their Spring Racing campaign, so we sat down for a chat to get the low down on the best way to look the part (and hopefully win the dollars) come race day this year.

What gets you excited about the spring racing carnival?

To me, the Melbourne Cup really kicks off the beginning of summer, the weather is scorching and everyone’s in high spirits. I love attending the Spring Racing Carnival because it’s such a fun day out with an awesome atmosphere! Any opportunity to get dressed up and get together with pals for a day of drinking in the sunshine and potentially winning some cash is good with me!

asos nathan men and women dress

What do you get up to in the morning pre-races?

A pre-race morning surf is mandatory before a day of indulging at the races. It helps to give me a fresh head before placing my bets later on! I also love to get a good, hearty breakfast in to line the stomach and give me heaps of energy for the day ahead.

We’re more used to seeing you dressed pretty casually, do you enjoy getting suited up for the races?

I am definitely a pretty casual guy when it comes to what I wear day to day, but once in a while it’s nice to spice things up and put on my smartest gear for a special occasion.

asos nathan spring clothes

Describe your style.

The lifestyle in Sydney is so at ease and pretty casual, so I would say that definitely reflects in my style. I like to go for a tee and jeans combo, and if I want to edge it up a little I throw a leather jacket into the mix. Luckily my girlfriend is super stylish so she keeps me in check with what I’m wearing!

asos nathan suits

What will you be wearing this spring racing carnival?

As an ASOS ambassador, this year I will be wearing the Noak Super Skinny Suit Jacket and Noak Skinny Suit Pants in Fleck with Noak Super Skinny Waistcoat and ASOS Shirt in white Egyptian Cotton.

asos nathan white shirt

How do you like to spend your time during race day?

Hanging out with friends, placing a few bets and soaking up the incredible atmosphere!

asos nathan navy blue suit with tie

What’s your preference beer or bubbles?

I’m a guy’s guy so I normally stick to beer, but hey, if we win some money on the races a bottle of champagne is definitely the best way to celebrate!

Are you a betting man?

Day to day no, not really, but I make an exception for the races. It’s the best feeling cheering on your horse and watching it win!

asos nathan half sleeve shirt

(If yes) How do you pick your horses?

I go on my intuition on the day, there’s no real tactic behind it to be honest.

What are some fashion mistakes guys make at the races?

Some guys are guilty of ill-fitting suits and dressing too casually on the big day – we’ve all been there though, I have no shame in admitting that I was probably once one of those guys too!

What do get up during the evening once the races are over?

A group of us normally go to Luis Tans for a feast of a dinner before heading out to a few bars to (hopefully) celebrate our winnings! Fingers crossed we get lucky this year.