Introducing Urban Tech, the World’s First Nano-Tech Heated Jackets

Jackets were always meant to keep you warm, but a new Kickstarter campaign is taking the concept to some truly extraordinary places. Specifically, Urban Tech Heated Jackets deliver body-warming heat in a mere 10 seconds flat, all at the touch of a button. Bringing the magic to life are nano-tech stainless steel fibres, which are 60x thinner than human hair. Far more optimal than carbon fibre (i.e. the main driving force behind most heated jackets), nano-tech fibre brings uniform distribution of heat for up to eight hours at a time. That’s joined by a beautifully streamlined aesthetic, making this outdoor apparel perfect for any and all occasions.

urban nano tech jacket

Bolstered by a proprietary five layers of tech, Urban Tech Heated Jackets resist moisture, keep out the cold, and keep in the heat. Covering the fundamentals are specs like a detachable hood, a wind-resistant surface, a fleece layer, adjustable cuffs, velcro sleeves, a bevy of pockets, and a scooped-back hem. Taking things up a notch are innovative features such as a power button, a core heating system, three temperature settings, a built-in phone charger, and an anti-lock system.

urban tech jacket specs

Available in two different styles and a handful of colourways, Urban Tech Heated Jackets are everything you can ask for in outerwear, and then some. Get in on the action now and you’ll gain access to some supremely generous discounts. We’re feeling warmer just thinking about this revolutionary apparel!

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