japan made ray bans feature titanium

Japan-made Ray-Bans Feature Titanium

Ray-Bans have long been a name in high-end sunglasses, and their new Titanium frames, made in Japan, continue that legacy. In a market dominated by frames made in Italy, it was a bit of a surprise when, in 1980, Japan stepped onto the field. But what seemed at the time to be an experiment in using titanium for frames turned out to be a rousing success. Ever since, Japan has been a world leader in glasses.

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Ray-Ban selected three of their more iconic designs for the titanium line: the Aviator, the Round, and the Caravan. You may initially balk at the price tag—$453—but consider what you’ll be getting. First, you know with Ray-Ban the quality will be unparalleled. Then consider that the frames are made with titanium. Each of the three styles is available in three finishes: white gold, antique gold, and pewter. If that was all we could say about the frames, it would be enough, but add in the tiny details like the intricate filigrees that have been engraved along the temples and bridges of the glasses, and you start to see the reason for that higher price tag. Evidently many people have seen that value as the frames are all posted with a waiting list.

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