Jason Markk 4 OZ. Premium Kit

jason markk 4 oz premium kit premium packet
Unless your’re living in a 2002 Nelly music video, you’re probably not sporting a pair white-on-white Air Force Ones. But just because your sneakers weren’t designed to be the same colour as a polar ice-cap, that ain’t no excuse to be getting around in grimey pair of kicks.

Jason Markk’s 4 Oz. Premium Kit comes with a 4 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution, free from harsh chemicals and abrasives, fully biodegradable, which clean and conditions your sneaks. Toss away that old toothbrush and save your leather the indignity of being contaminated with the remnants of fluoride toothpaste, because this kit comes with a synthetic bristle brush with a handcrafted wood block handle. US$15

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