Key Denim Jeans Trends in 2017

Aussie born retailer General Pants has had its fingers squarely on the pulse of the latest trends since the 1970s. Over the course of decades they’ve learned a few things and one of those things is the following: denim is always trending. And why shouldn’t it be? Denim is resilient, adaptive, and stylish all at once. When in doubt, a trendy pair of jeans will virtually never let you down.

Of course even something that’s always broadly trending still has ebbs and flows as well as general styles or fits that come in and out of favour. When that shift from “not” to “hot” occurs, General Pants and its brands are there to lead the way or adjust accordingly, as indicated by the recent launch of their annual denim campaign. The main takeaways from the new campaign are that the 90s are back and blue is king. More specifically, the campaign unveils 8 new denim trends that frequently host loads of vintage appeal while featuring every variety of blue, every type of fit and every kind of treatment you can think of. Yes, General Pants has denim in their veins, or as they put it: #webleedblue. Here’s an overview that includes our personal favourites from within each trend.

key denim jeans blues


Continuing General Pants’s celebration of the colour blue in all its glory is the Blues trend, which incorporates a variety of treatments and rinses through a vintage lens. Included in the trend are stonewashed jeans, royal rinses and an overabundance of the colour denim loves most: blue.

Man of Many suggests: Nudie Titled Tor

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key denim jeans dark washes

Dark Washes

Bluish-black is the new black, says General Pants. The denim offered under the Dark Washes banner infuses shades of dark blue into already dark colourways. Visually speaking, the difference between Dark Wash denim and black denim is brilliantly subtle and distinct.

Man of Many suggests: Ksubi Van Winkle Jean Black Rebel

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key denim jeans ripped


Ripped jeans are practically synonymous with the 90s and they’re returning in a major way. The Ripped trend effortlessly packs visual distinction into a fashion staple that’s more often reliant on colour or material in order to stand out. And while the ripped denim style was probably born in skate parks or on boardwalks, it nowadays fits in everywhere so don’t be hesitant to embrace it.

Man of Many suggests: Neuw Ray Tapered Street Black

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key denim jeans skinny


No modern day denim campaign would be complete without including a selection of skinny jeans. General Pants and their respective brands step firmly into the present with the one style that more or less single-handedly destroyed every 90s trend we can imagine. Taking things a step further, each pair of skinny jeans has been updated according to the latest innovations in fabric, washes and deconstruction. Sure, these jeans might cut off circulation, but they offer a tight and clean aesthetic so it’s worth it.

Man of Many suggests: Dr Denim Leroy Jean Organic Dark Retro

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key denim jeans rigid


The Rigid trend pivots to focus on fabric, in this case 100% cotton denim. It’s a tough, heavier material that packs some heft and like many of the other trends exudes vintage 90s charm. These are jeans built to last all the way up until the next time the 90s come back into favour.

Man of Many suggests: Lee Z-Two Jean Desert Blue

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key denim jeans deconstruction


If you feel that the Ripped trend is simply too tame, by all means scope the jeans under the Deconstruction banner. This is denim that’s been given the full spectrum of abuse. It’s been cut up and blown out with the gaping holes and frayed edges to show for it. And somehow it still looks amazing.

Man of Many suggests: Ksubi Van Winkle Jean Trashed Dreams

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key denim jeans blue jean baby

Blue Jean Baby

No longer confined to an Elton John song, Blue Jean Baby is now a signifier of General Pants’ favourite vintage washes. That equates to eye-catching and genuine rinses in indigo and other striking shades of blue. The denim is then given the stone wash and sandblast treatment, resulting in unmistakable profiles.

Man of Many suggests: Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Sid Jean

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key denim jeans anti fit


Anti-Fit denim has arrived to buck the British skinny jean explosion that’s been steadily seducing millennials all over the world for the past decade. That essentially means somewhat roomy blue jeans that hang loose on the body. It’s a throwback to the 90s, when denim didn’t have to squeeze the life out of your legs and groin in order to look appealing. That’s right, fellas–with Anti-Fit you can finally be comfortably comfortable again.

Man of Many suggests: Lee Z-Three Jean Stone Age Blue

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General Pants’ new campaign is joined by an edgy, alluring video on Youtube. Featuring a bevy of young models sporting the new denim trends, the video itself is soaked in various shades of blue and propelled by an understated, totally effective synth soundtrack. Watch, click, shop, buy, wear and live, damnit. You can do no wrong because denim is always trending.

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