Kith and Coca Cola Converses Look to Unite

“Kith is partnering with Coca-Cola to release special edition Converses. Based on the Chuck Taylor 1970 design, each of the Kith Coca-Cola sneakers will feature an upper made of heavyweight denim. The sole is that of the Chuck Taylor 1970, with a translucent green outsole. The shoes will be available in four colorways. Each of the colors is meant to represent a country—the United States, France, Russia, and China. The USA will be represented by red denim with white embroidery, while the Navy with asymmetrical red and white embroidery will represent France. Russia will get white denim with mismatched red and blue. China will have red embroidery on a yellow denim. Each of the hoes will be branded with Kith and Coca-Cola logos. The off-white midsole and the translucent green outsole are also meant to represent the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, as do the bottle-cap shaped Velcro patches on the medial sides.

kith and coca cola converse users

The midsole of the shoe also bears a language-specific message of “We live as many. We stand as one.” The message ribbons around the sole of the shoe. World peace and unity is a big dream, but if it takes a pair of Converses to accomplish it, who’s going to complain?

kith and coca cola converse model

Check it out

kith and coca cola converse color

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