Lacoste Unveils New Runway Collection

In honour of its 85th anniversary, French apparel brand Lacoste has unleashed a new Runway Collection, which culls from a slew of influences. Among those influences are two culturally relevant 90s films: La Haine and Conte d’ete. Taking direct cues from the two French masterworks, Felipe Oliveira Baptista fuses athletic wear and urban style to striking perfection. The result is a collection that’s comfortable, fashionable, slightly retro, and instantly iconic.

lacoste unveils runway green t shirt

Reimagining 90s apparel, the new Lacoste Runway Collection creatively blends materials and styles. For example, an eye-catching windbreaker employs both nylon and suede, while a cricket cable-knit makes for an unmistakable cashmere tracksuit. Going back in time even further, Baptista reinvents everything from the 1930s high-waist trouser, to the boat shoe, to the double-breasted blazer, among other things. At the heart of the collection is the trusty white polo shirt, Lacoste’s perennial claim to fame, which helped launch the brand 85 years ago.

lacoste unveils runway wearing sport jacket

In addition to taking sporty style to an entirely new place, the Lacoste Runway Collection features a range of brilliant colours and patterns. Indeed, colours like navy 166, red 240, green 132, flaming pink, and a slew of pastels are all put to expert use. Whether contemporising timeless heritage apparel or giving the 1990s a swift upgrade, Baptiste is firing on all stylistic cylinders. This is some seriously high-end street style, to say the least.

Check it out

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