The Leather Does The Talking – Plain Toe Moto Boot from Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch makes some damn fine boots and in the case of the new Moto Boot they made a damn fine boot even finer. The new Plain Toe Moto came after the brand teamed up with Maine-based manufacturers Rancourt to make slight modifications on a previous model, such as removing the cap and letting the “leather do all the talking”.

 the plain toe moto boot

And that’s some supremely genuine leather doing all that talking. More specifically it’s Natural Horween Chromexcel Leather, aka the original pull-up leather created using methods just under a century old. The result is a pair of premium, limited edition boots that will feel as great to rub against your palm as they will to slip over your feet. These boots will also gain in character and even slightly expand as they age.

In addition to the Natural Horween Chromexcel Leather exterior each boot is held together with resoleable Blake welt construction and a 115 last mould. The Plain Toe Moto Boot also features a Vibram 430 inset mini lug sole with added storm welt. The mid-sole and laces are both leather and those laces are secured with brass eyelets and hooks.

 plain toe moto boot

In summary expect a smooth and sturdy boot that’s built to last and rife with character. The Plain Toe Moto is available in limited supply due to the scarcity of certain fabrics used to make the boot happen in the first place. Check it out before it’s gone.