Lehft is Redefining Minimal Watches

A clean watch is a necessity for any man who considers themself a fashion-conscious individual. It’s far more refreshing to look down and see a minimalist, sleek design than it is to see eleven dials, seven colors and a huge logo on the wrist. Lehft is a new company based out of Melbourne that is making a an awesome, reduced watch that still retains excellent styling and quality despite its minimal design.

lehft redefining gold color

Lehft mingles with their fellow minimalist brethren, however they aim to be differentiated from the rest of the pack. Their signature two-tone dial and geometric silhouette won’t be mistaken for any other watch, so while it is a subtle design, it is still different than many others out there. Constructed with a Swiss Rhonda movement, sapphire crystal glass, genuine leather and a stainless steel PVD coating, the watch is as durable as it is beautiful. Coming in six color schemes, you can grab one now on Kickstarter.

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lehft watch on the glass

lehft straps

lehft watch with blue color strap

lehft watch blue color strap with black body

gold color lehft watch black strap

lefht watch dark tan rose

lefht watch black strap

black lefht watch

 lefht watch various design

 lefht watch white inside view

men wearing lefht watch

 lefht watch handsome

wearing men and women lefht watch

wearing women lefht watch

 lefht watch in the hand

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men help women to wear lefht watch