When Less is Much More – Troubadour Day Bag

Some bags take on a “go big or go home” attitude through the use of various materials and the inclusion of a million pockets–other bags work their charm with a singular profile and a few tasteful details. Falling into the latter category is the Troubadour Day Bag. This product achieves beauty through restraint and speaks to those with a taste for refinement and endurance over bells and whistles (i.e. a bunch of features you’d probably never use anyway).

 troubadour day black bag

Troubadour has the utmost respect for fine leather and lets the material do most of the talking on its own. Their day bag employs precious few cuts in the 100% Authentic Vegetable-Tanned Italian Leather, which will only gain in definition as the bag undergoes more use and those natural oils rise to the top. Thanks to its dynamic sense of character the Troubadour Day Bag ultimately signifies the experiences of its owner and ends up having as much sentimental value as a favourite watch or other cherished piece of gear.

troubadour day there and papers with bag

The Troubadour Day Bag is all about functionality through minimalist appeal and so the few details it flaunts are given painstaking levels of attention. Everything from the leather and suede internal pockets to the polished brass zipper to the rivet-reinforced straps exudes craftsmanship and a “less is more” aesthetic. Rounding out the bag’s unfettered elegance is bespoke hardware with matte coating. Naturally, the day bag isn’t cheap but one look and it’s not hard to see why.

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