Let’s Hear it for the Boys – Lululemon’s New ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) Pants

No more beating around the bush. We’re tired of all the metaphors and euphemisms and safe words when talking about human anatomy. You say push-up bra. We say “boob enhancer”. You say hemorrhoid cream. We say “inflamed butt vein medication”. Anyone? No? Fine, we’ll leave the hemorrhoid cream as it is, but the point is that every now and then being straightforward about our nether regions can be refreshing.

lululemon new anti ball crushing boys pant

Take athletic apparel retailer Lululemon for example. We love the no-frills approach they took when naming their Anti-Ball Crushing (aka ABC) Pants years ago. No code breaking is required when shopping for these wildly popular pants, which do exactly what they say they’ll do: protect your balls from being crushed.

The newest ABC Pants from Lululemon emphasize the stylish tight-fit aspects of previous entries while retaining proper breathing room right where it counts. Thanks to the streamlined fit you can expect comfortable snugness against your butt, quads, calves and ankles–pretty much everywhere except the one place where too much snugness might cut off your oxygen supply. The ABC Pants look great too, ready to be worn for any occasion and representing that perfect combination and fashion and function.

To help promote their new ABCs, Lululemon created a short Youtube video featuring various “ball shaped” entities that are prone to crushing. And while we’re highly aware of our previous assertion that we’ve had it up to here with all the metaphors, when it comes to visuals sometimes a little creativity can be a good thing.

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