Light It Up – LightMode Kits Redesigned

The guys behind the helmet light kits that turn helmets into something out of Tron are back with a new lighting kit, called the S Series. Before I get into the details, these guys are from LightMode, and they specialise in improving motorcycle visibility by repairing electroluminescent materials to transform any regular helmet into the most unique looking one ever.

lightmode kits redesigned bike

It’s similar to the original, but the controller has been redesigned. It’s more aerodynamic, water resistant, recharges via a USB rather than a needing to replace batteries and the connectors are a lot easier to attach, so you can take the controller off with gloves on.

lightmode kits redesigned bike on the road

It’s on Kickstarter, where you can order a LightMode kit for around $150 with shipping predicted to be in May 2017. Just imagine wearing the coolest helmet ever to be created while cruising on your two-wheeled best friend. Your head will not only be what’s lighting up, as bystanders’ eyes will light up when they see this design on your noggin.

lightmode kits redesigned bike helmet

Check it out

lightmode kits redesigned bike helmet in hand

lightmode kits helmet on the bike