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Loewe designer rock

Would You Buy This $700 Designer Rock?

Few designers on earth can keep up with JW Anderson. He’s creating everything from sprouting grass shirts to tonal puffer jackets with MONCLER, but after becoming the creative director of Spanish luxury house LOEWE, his vision has accelerated in a different direction. He’s become a great fashion salesman.

Enter the designer rock. Anderson is so high on his own supply that dressing up a rock in leather, tying it like a crab, and charging AU$700 isn’t out of the equation. In fact, this is such a technical piece, LOEWE has collaborated with a boutique in Ibiza called Paula’s. You might have heard of it.

What you’re looking at is a designer rock collaboration that costs $700. Spare me.

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Loewe designer rock 2

J.W. Anderson has always been one to sniff out the weird and extreme ends of fashion. Let’s not forget the $1,260 pigeon clutch that gave us a headache back in August of last year.

This time he’s testing our patience with a rock that serves no purpose greater than those found in your backyard. If you haven’t worked it out by now, this is a rock with a calfskin leather crab tied to it that’s designed to be used as a paperweight. We’re not quite sure where the collaborative aspect comes into play.

We could look at this one through the sustainability lens and point the finger at the unnecessary use of calfskin leather on such a useless device, but we’ll tackle it from this angle instead.

If you’re rich enough to afford a designer rock to hold your paper receipts down on your marble countertop, please wire transfer us some funds so we can get this sweet LOEWE hoodie.

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