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Lv sock set 1

Louis Vuitton’s $3,550 Sock Set is the Ultimate Office Flex

Louis Vuitton is synonymous with many things, most notably fashion and luxury goods, but along with that, the brand is also famous for its accessories. Some of which land, while others miss the mark, at least for practicality’s sake. One accessory that landed was Louis Vuitton’s New Horizon Light Up Speaker, not only was it unique in design but it also delivered some pretty decent sound. But other options, such as the USD$39,000 Louis Vuitton Aeroplane Bag which featured an incredibly inconvenient shape and the Louis Vuitton’s $2,700 ‘Pizza Box’ which isn’t actually a ‘Pizza Box’, draw some mixed reviews.

Lv sock set

Image: Louis Vuitton

Unlike the aforementioned avant-garde shapes, the latest Louis Vuitton LV Archives socks goes all-in on the essentials. The new set not only combines luxury and practicality, it also pays homage to the late Virgil Abloh and the distinguished LV House with the use of the LV symbols.

These six pairs of socks are made with 100% cotton and are presented in a 100% plexiglass box. The clear box features gold-coloured hardware and studs along with a monogram pattern that resembles the iconic Boite Scott.

Lv sock set 3

Image: Louis Vuitton

The LV Archives sock set is centred around the various collections and capsules designed by the late Virgil Abloh and his collaborators. Each pair features a unique design that references the themes from Virgil Abloh’s iconic first shows. Like the cloud-indebted SS20 presentations as well as various other moments throughout Virgil Abloh’s tenure as artistic director at Louis Vuitton.

The set includes six pairs of socks with various prints that are multicoloured and or feature assorted designs. These designs include the cloud and mirror theme, an eye-catching floral pair with the LV initials and a pair with woven Jacquard Louis Vuitton Paris Shows signatures. As well as some solid colour pairs with the Louis Vuitton logo emblazoned on them. These classic 100% cotton socks are available in sizes S-M and M-L.

The Louis Vuitton LV Archives socks set makes for a perfect collectible piece for any Virgil Abloh or LV enthusiast or the perfect Christmas gift for someone very special. In fact, considering the AUD$3,350 price tag, it might have to be someone extraordinary.

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Lv sock set 5

Image: Louis Vuitton

Lv sock set 2

Image: Louis Vuitton

Lv sock set 4

Image: Louis Vuitton

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