Luxury Reimagined – Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection

Australia’s own Bellroy already makes exceptional wallets that use premium materials to exude simple, irrefutable style. However, apparently they want to squeeze a little more elegance and prestige into their acclaimed products. That means teaming up with luxury retailer Barneys New York to release the Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection, which upgrades five classic Bellroy wallets through the use of top-shelf materials, bold new colours and a painstaking attention to detail.

luxury reimagined bellroy xo barneys new york collection

The collaboration is aimed primarily at the modern day go-getter who spends the week hustling in the city and then ducks away to some global destination for a true taste of adventure. It sounds perfect for all those Australians out there who frequently balance their time between the urban grind and the world stage–the same kind of men who step things up a notch when it comes to fashion without losing their masculine edge. The Bellroy XO Barneys New York Collection takes that same sensibility and doubles down on refinement to achieve a product that’s bursting with style by way of pure minimalist sophistication.

luxury reimagined bellroy xo barneys wallets collection

The classic Bellroy Wallets that received makeovers were The Travel Wallet, Passport Sleeve, Hide & Seek, Slim Sleeve and Card Sleeve. Each new piece is made with the finest vegetable-tanned leather and lined with charcoal nubuck suede. The finish on each wallet includes hand-painted edges and a silver embossing. They come in choice of four colours – Ocean Blue and Tan in full-grain, and Plum and Midnight.

luxury reimagined bellroy xo barneys black wallets

Bellroy head designer Hadrien Monloup had this to say about the collection, “We’ve maintained the considered design approach and functionality that Bellroy is known for and elevated the experience using more tactile leathers, vibrant colors, and cleaner panelling. The result is a collection attuned to Barney’s customer and their meticulous attention to detail.”

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