M A D E Integrates Tech and Bespoke Design into Footwear

Everything seems to have an online bespoke option these days. And that is for good reason. With customization allowing for better fit, comfort, styling and individuality, every product can be improved by introducing bespoke characteristics into the production. M A D E aims to do this with shoes. M A D E is the world’s first online bespoke shoe company that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology.

Innovative is the operative word here, as their business is truly unique. Using their remote, 3D scan fitting experience that can be performed by anyone with a smartphone, you can get the perfect fit in seconds. With the models rendered from these scans, M A D E will extract key measurement data and attributes of each foot to deliver custom fit shoes. The shoes are then hand made and hand welted using leather from a Italian tannery. The idea is awesome and will certainly produce quality results.

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