Maen Unleashes its New Highly Affordable Moonphase Watch – The Manhattan 40

Maen, the Swedish creator of high-quality affordable timepieces, has unleashed its newest design that blends both the bold and the understated with the classic and the contemporary. The Manhattan 40 wristwatch is inspired by the borough at the heart of New York City. With its leading commercial and financial sectors, a businessman must exude a certain level of confidence and style if they are to succeed in the Big Apple. Maen’s newest timepiece is the accessory that makes it happen.

maen the manhattan 40 sleek and sophisticated look

The flat bezel design and elegant mix of polished and brushed finishes contribute to the Manhattan 40’s sleek and sophisticated look. Featuring custom designed faceted dauphine hands and scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass, paired with a strap made of high-quality Italian leather, every aspect of the watch possesses a high-end feel.

vmaen  new design watch

Even though the caseback is seen less often, it’s still an important part of the watch. The Manhattan 40’s screwed caseback has a beautiful laser engraved image, displaying the Maen logo in all its glory. The surrounding pattern symbolises the movement of the Moon around the Earth. When seen from different angles, the caseback produces a stunning play of light.

maen watch back side

Maen is passionate about moonphase watches. The brand name is even taken from the old-Dutch word for moon, which is the ultimate symbol for time. The Manhattan 40’s moonphase is equipped with Swiss Made movement and an indicator that shows the current phase of the Moon. The yellow moon pops out from the black dials as a daily reminder of our small insignificant place in the universe.

Maen is currently campaigning via Kickstarter to Fund the Manhattan 40. You can secure a watch for around AUS $260. There’s also an incredibly stylish collectors box on offer for $77.

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maen new design wristwatch

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