Man of Many Co-Founders Sit Down to Discuss New Pacific Optical Collaboration

As you may or may not be aware, Man of Many is brought to you by Scott Purcell and Frank Arthur, two brutally handsome chaps (if we do say so ourselves) with a penchant for all things men’s lifestyle. Given their obvious passion for fashion, Scott and Frank were thrilled beyond words when offered the chance to collaborate with Australia’s own Pacifico Optical on some signature shades. The result are the Pacifico Optical x Man of Many Buckler Sunglasses, which deliver steadfast quality along with Man of Many’s personal touch. To catch first glimpse of the finished product, Scott and Frank headed over to the Pacific Optical store on Bondi Beach, where they engaged in a brief chat about specs and inspirations alike.

pacific optical wearing men and women

To say the least, the fellas had themselves a great time. More to the point, these two gents spend every spare minute of the day checking out other people’s products, so it was downright delightful to put their own stamp on something superb. The Man of Many co-founders also dive into their respective motivations behind the colour of each frame. Scott went with amber, which reminds him of his love for delicious amber lagers. Frank, meanwhile, landed on the deep, rich shade of shiraz. Hmmm…two alcohol references. Why are we not surprised?

women pacific optical sunglasses with hat

Naturally, the shades themselves make plenty of glorious appearances in the video. Put simply, this is some exceptional eyewear. On Scott’s pair, those amber frames are coupled with polarised green lens, while Frank went with smoky blue polarised lenses on his pair. Both sunnies feature the Man of Many logo on the outside of the arm, and Man of Many text on the inside. That’s joined by the legendary quality Pacific Optical already brings to the table. Sunglasses don’t get much hotter than this, folks. Check out the video, and then hop on over to our store to grab yourself a pair. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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 pacific optical sunglasses blue lens

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