Marloe Watch Company Builds Hand Wound Watches, Embraces the Counter-Culture

Marloe Watch Company is a new and independent designer looking to reinvigorate the world of timepieces by embracing the slow-living counter culture and creating beautiful hand-wound watches. Based in Oxfordshire, England, Marloe has no interest in battling it out with the tech giants creating the smartest watches and instead, Marloe want to celebrate tradition, while looking good of course.

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In less than two years, two friends: Oliver and Gordon have transformed a chance encounter into a successful watch company that is set to launch its third collection later this year. Before we get to that, let’s head back to the beginning with the Derwent Collection. Each timepiece in the Derwent Collection offers a nod to classic British manufacturing and design, from 17th-century nautical charts to a traditional British pressure gauge, with an added contemporary touch. The simple pitched profile hands afford maximum readability while a quick peek at the case-back will reveal a porthole displaying the balance wheel smoothly oscillating back and forth, keeping accurate time and offering an indicator of your Derwent’s current power status.

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The Cherwell Collection is made up of Marloe’s first timepieces inspired by the prestigious university city of Oxford. The Cherwell has a simple, beautiful, and cleverly designed bespoke case – the sides are gently tapered creating a sleek and elegant look when worn on the wrist. A large sub-dial displays the seconds ticking by; and the bespoke crown is designed to remind you to turn it and keep the Sea-Gull ST36 heart beating.

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On April 1st, 2017 (No joke) Marloe Watch Company successfully funded their next collection via Kickstarter raising over £200,000 for the Lomond Chronoscope Hand-Wound Watch. Named after one of Scotland’s most famous Lochs, this is Marloe’s first wristwatch to include a “stop-watch” feature plus a ceramic bezel insert and exhibition case-back. The Lomond Chronoscope will be available in four colourways from late 2017.

The Derwent and Cherwell collections are available now with each piece carefully packaged in a customised display box. Marloe Watch Company designs truly unique traditional pieces that make a compelling case for hand-wound timekeeping.

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