Meadowlark Jewellery x Andrew McLeod

New Zealand jewelry label, Meadowlark teamed up with artist Andrew McLeod for an inspiring new collection of rings. The delicate-yet-punk rock pieces walk the fine line between strong statement and covetable preciouses. The collection draws on “American championship rings; brash and bold,” but there’s a definite lack of all things tacky and/or flashy — making the sterling silver or 9ct gold rings dramatic, detailed and timeless. Featuring figures, symbols and patterns from McLeod’s own subtlely-goth lexicon. This will definitely leave an imprint on the forehead of the guy you punch at the bar. Not as effective as a knuckle duster but legal at least.

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meadowlark jewellery x andrew mcleod ring

meadowlark jewellery x andrew mcleod Wave Signet Ring