Melbourne born brand Handmade Gloves by Aaron Cheung

Aaron Cheung’s ambition is to make beautifully crafted products more accessible at an affordable price point. Inspiration is often drawn from classic menswear but with a dose of colours and patterns to keep it fun. Currently his collection consists of two driving gloves and three normal gloves. The brown crochet driving gloves features a classic cotton crochet top with a buckle button closure. The body is perforated for enhanced ventilation. The chocolate lambskin driving gloves has exposed knuckles for better movement, a buckle button closure and it also features a perforated body for enhanced ventilation. The other three gloves have an unlined construction for a closure fit. The brown unlined carpincho gloves features a Bordeaux button closure, while the chocolate unlined peccary gloves use dark purple button closure. Last but not least, the navy unlined peccary gloves has an orange button closure. All gloves are made in Hungary.

 aaron cheung handmade gloves on the wood