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17 puffer vests and gilets

17 Best Puffer Vests & Gilets For The Discerning Dag

If you, like so many others, have little self-respect or harbour a desire to look like a total Derek this winter, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite gilets and puffer vests below to make hating yourself that little bit easier.

superdry polar sports puffer gilet

Superdry Polar Sports Puffer Gilet

This is a classic Superdry number; neutral colours paired with a splash of neon to draw attention to the fact that your girlfriend probably bought it for you and today was one of those awful days when she suggested you wear it.

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hackett amr lightweight down gilet

Hackett AMR Lightweight Down Gilet

Ever find yourself thinking ‘I know I’m out of touch with society, but how can I let the rest of the world know?’ Why, a puffer vest with an Aston Martin Racing logo of course. Rest assured, not a single person who wears one of these actually owns an Aston Martin.

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viparo ve1 vest

Viparo VE1 Vest

Probably the least offensive on this list, being that it’s made from an actual dead animal and not a slew of synthetic materials, and the fact that it’s black, this is the one to go for if you’re just dipping your toe into the waters of self-loathing.

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macy weatherproof vintage men pieced plaid vest

Macy’s Weatherproof Vintage Men’s Pieced Plaid Vest

If you are a lumberjack, but you’re not okay, then here’s a hip garment for you. Great for those long Canadian days chopping down trees when you need toasty nipples but don’t much care if your arms get frostbite.

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hugo boss green men veon quilted vest

Hugo Boss Green Men’s Veon Quilted Vest

Likely to be worn by somebody who’s name is actually Hugo, and is a boss in the same way David Brent was technically a boss, this one will keep you warm between the shoulders while your staff quietly cringe when you leave the room.

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blue harbor cruise gilet with stormwear

Blue Harbor Cruise Gilet with Stormwear

Okay fair cop on this one; anybody who’s ever spent time on a boat trying to rig a headsail in freezing temperatures whilst copping green monsters over the bow can totally understand why you’d want one of these. It comes off when you get to shore though.

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polo ralph lauren quilted jersey gilet

Polo Ralph Lauren Quilted Jersey Gilet

This one looks a bit like fencing attire, appropriate given that it is most likely to be worn by the sort of person who went to a school where fencing was an option on sports day.

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moncler maglia knit back quilted down gilet

Moncler Maglia Knit-Back Quilted Down Gilet

It’s a pretty standard gilet affair, with the addition of a hood – large enough to cover your scone on a chilly day, but not quite big enough to hide your shame over the fact you spent $639 on a puffer vest.

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moncler gamme bleu

Moncler Gamme Bleu

This time around they’ve had the decency to make it khaki, presumably so you can demonstrate your lack of style-prowess with military precision.

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tommy jeans 90s down puffer singlet in navy

Tommy Jeans 90s Down Puffer Singlet in Navy

Brrrrring! Brrrrrrring! Hello? Hi there’s it’s 1994, we want our puffer vest back. Okay this one is pretty sick – excellent use of nostalgia and we’d totally wear it. But you know, like, ironically though.

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bershka puffer vest in black camo hood

Bershka Puffer Vest in Black / Camo Hood

Here the manufacturer has had the decency to include a trendy element of camouflage into the design, so you can try to hide your shame by blending into your surrounds and simply disappearing.

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rrl shawl collar linen

RRL Shawl-Collar Linen, Silk, Wool, Cotton and Mohair-Blend Gilet


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kapital shell trimmed faux shearling gilet

Kapital Shell-Trimmed Faux Shearling Gilet

The description of this sassy little number says that it ‘puts a futuristic spin on a workwear classic’. If this is the future then toss me overboard now. And how is this even remotely a workwear classic? What work is being done in this? Live target practice? I can only assume the price tag is in braille.

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brunello cucinelli quilted suede down gilet

Brunello Cucinelli Quilted Suede Down Gilet

This one is not overly notable, except for its $4620 price tag. Actually.

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Private white v c gilet

Private White V.C. Cotton & Cashmere-Blend Moleskin Gilet

Only five possible candidates can pull this off. You’re probably not one of them.

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moncler febe quilted shell down gilet

Moncler Febe Quilted Shell Down Gilet

They say that no word rhymes with ‘orange’, but ‘style’ especially doesn’t.

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the north face nuptse vest

The North Face Nuptse Vest

Oh, you have a North Face vest? You must go on so many adventures.

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