5 Easy Tips to Step Up Your Spring Racing Style Game

With the Spring Racing season in full swing, and with the Everest Carnival happening tomorrow (the world’s richest horse race), it’s an absolute must that you have your racing attire ready. Whilst it’s not always possible to you have your suit sorted two weeks in advance, it does pay to be prepared. Lucky for you, we sat down with Michael Brown, the Australian Turf Club Beauty Expert for his 5 top men’s fashion tips for this Spring Racing season.

Whether you are scrambling last minute to try to find the perfect race-day look or already have an outfit in mind, Michael Brown gives some helpful insights for us blokes that are often left clueless or opting for the same old boring suit. See his 5 tips below:

1. What are the three easiest accessories for making a suit stand out?

Not every guy has what we call a ‘races’ style suit that has brighter tones or print, however, any suit can be made over by adding pops of colour or prints with a tie, pocket square and even socks! For the guys, these three accessories really embody what Spring Racing fashion is all about.

2. What’s the one thing most men forget when they head to the races (but wish they hadn’t)?

I would have to say sunglasses! Not only can they take away the sunny glare, but they can also become a fashion accessory to upgrade your look… But yes, let’s protect our eyes first, the races are a daytime event, so sunnies are your best friend.

3. What are some fashion faux pas when heading to the races?

Feeling constricted around the neck, especially on a warm day, is not most guys idea of comfort, however, the races are steeped with lots of traditions and to me, there is no excuse for not wearing a tie. It really elevates your look and stays on-trend with racing fashion attire. And if you are heading to a member’s area, wearing a tie (and for gents in Sydney) wearing socks is a must, even if you are wearing a loafer. Racing traditions are here to stay gents!

4. What’s your go-to suiting and accessory brands for Spring Racing outfits for men?

I’ve been lucky enough to be dressed by the likes Harrolds and MJ Bale in the past, which has always been such a highlight. They just get it in terms of style, fabric and cuts – there really is something for everyone with great accessories to match. This spring racing season I’m getting my first ever custom-made suit from the guys at Institchu. I was able to pick everything from the style, colour, fabric and even down to the buttons & lining! The process so far has been so easy, so I’m looking forward to seeing the final result in a couple of weeks. For those that are after slightly more affordable options, I’m very impressed with the Politix spring racing campaign. They offer great styles and prints to really stand out this racing season. And lastly, my favourite accessory brand is Melbourne Dapper. So many of my pocket squares and little button hole flowers are from those guys, love them!

5. Do you have any other easy Spring Racing style tips or advice for men that you can share with our readers?

If you are like me and get hot easily at these race days, choose your fabrics wisely! Go for a linen suit or choose a jacket with no lining, so it can breathe. Plus, the separate jacket and pants combo is really popular this spring racing carnival. Great for guys who just don’t dig a full suit as it feels more like tailored chinos and a blazer, with the added shirt, tie, pocket square and socks to dress it up! Oh and guys, clunky boot-like shoes aren’t a great look for the races and old school light coloured square or pointy-toed shoes are a no go! Invest in modern shoes that go with the style that is men’s suiting.

You heard it here first, now there are no excuses come race day.

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