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accessories to get that luxurious look

5 Accessories to Get that Luxurious Look

Guest Post by Jason Phillips and MyFamilySilver.com

Just like women, men love to wear beautiful jewelry. Whether we’re talking about rings, bracelets and chains or about cufflinks and watches, one thing’s for sure –men like to look good. Their preferences are different than those of women; they like sleek pieces that are rather simple but precious. A thick golden bracelet, for example, should match perfectly with a white-collar attire and a really trendy leather bag. Here are some more ideas for jewelry pieces and watches for men.

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Wristwatches – Leather or Metal Strap

Wristwatches for men who want to look expensive come in two main categories – watches with leather straps and watches with bracelet straps. Both types can make you look dashing; and yet, in some circumstances, wearing a watch with a golden or silver bracelet adds posh to your look. Formal events, black-tie parties and business gatherings require men to wear suits. This means you must be very careful when adding accessories. A classic golden watch should be paired with golden cufflinks. Complete the look with a tie clip and you’re done.

Now, if you’re going to a casual meeting or to an informal party, you could replace that bracelet wristwatch with a sportier watch, with a leather strap. Ditch the suit but keep the shirt. Complete your look with an overcoat, a leather jacket or a classic sweater, and you’re ready to party.

Cufflinks are particularly designed to be worn with French cuff shirts. Unlike most of today’s shirts, which have button cuffs, the French ones only have a lengthen piece of fabric that folds on the back to create a cuff. You can only find these in high-end stores, which means their quality is outstanding. Cufflinks make a look seem high-class and urbane. Match them with accessories that are made of the same materials. For example, golden cufflinks with blue sapphire straps go well with a blue shirt, black suit and a golden wristwatch. You can add a signet ring if you’d like, to make your look seem even more striking. Once again, the variety is endless. Choose from signet rings with imposing designs, or have your item custom-made with your initials.

Tie Clips – Keep it Matching

Also known as a tie bar, tie slide or tie clasp, a tie clip is an accessory used mostly by men to hold their tie in place. Most men see this item as too pretentious, which is why they don’t wear it. Truth be told, only the classiest men know how to wear a tie clip. First, choose a precious or semi-precious metal for the accessory. White gold, yellow gold and silver are ideal choices; next, decide on a suitable size. Your clip should be longer than the width of your tie. Last but not least, stay away from complicated, kitschy designs. Keep it simple and you will look dashing.


Necklaces are not just for women; men can wear them too. The design of a man’s necklace differs from that of a woman. We won’t see men wearing statement necklaces any time soon. There are a couple of classic styles for men’s necklaces, such as dog tags, chains, religious emblems, and chokers. Men should never wear their necklaces over their clothes because it’s tacky. Also, make sure that your accessory is made of precious metal, although most dog collars are made of stainless steel. Wear your necklace on the skin, and if you want your item to be seen, wear a t-shirt or sweater with a wide neckline; or you can undo a couple of buttons on your shirt (not too many though).


Men are allowed to wear bracelets, period. There are many types of bracelets made particularly for men such as leather bracelets, metal bracelets, chain bracelets and so on. There are some wearing rules men should be aware of. First, make sure the item is thick enough. It has to look manly. Second, select a type based on your attire and personality. Leather bracelets are lot of casual looks, while metal bracelets are better suited to businessmen.

Men should be allowed to wear jewelry. Wristwatches, bracelets, necklaces, signet rings and other accessories could transform a dull outfit into the most attractive look. It’s really important to wear your accessories with confidence. Believe in what you’re wearing, feel like a million dollars and you’ll make those around you look up to you. Choose powerful accessories, stand out and look dashing with the coolest jewelry pieces.

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