Alex Beresford Reads The Weather in 48 Degree Heat for MJ Bale, No Sweat

A couple of weeks back we brought you a look at the hottest change room on the planet – an initiative by doyens of sartorial sophistication MJ Bale, in an attempt to properly demonstrate the efficacy of their Cool Wool range of suits. Wool gets a bit of a bad rap as exclusively existing as a ‘winter fabric’ due to how well it insulates from the cold when it’s laid on thick. True though that may be, it’s also lightweight and breathes incredibly well, making it a perfect natural ingredient in a great summer suit.

“Our 100% Merino Cool Wool suits are designed to be incredibly breathable, so as the weather starts warming up and we head into the notoriously heated racing season Aussie gents can get suited up without the usual stress”, says founder and CEO of MJ Bale Matt Jensen.

Not only is Cool Wool cool because it’s breathable, it’s also odour resistant thanks to Merino wool’s complex fibre structure, which makes for a welcome ingredient in dressing it up come summertime (as many as 66% of Aussie men claim to ditch the suit altogether once things heat up, even though they’d rather keep looking fly).

And a great summer suit is an important staple in the Australian man’s wardrobe – it can get bloody hot down here after all.

alex beresford walk desert with camel

As if the in-store-sauna wasn’t enough to prove just how cool these suits are (in both ways), MJ Bale decided to go go one step further, and sent UK weatherman Alex Beresford on a unique trip around the world.

Alex checked the weather reports for the entire planet to see where in the world was going to be hottest the next day, bought a ticket and hauled his film crew across the continents, visiting India, Dubai, Morocco and ending up in California’s notoriously scorching Death Valley – all the while decked out in an MJ Bale number which kept him looking fresh and feeling cool. In the process they lost two smartphones, which melted along the way, but Alex never lost his cool.

Check it out

alex beresford drive car

alex beresford play ball with child

alex beresford with colour child

alex beresford look something desert

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