Aussie Pub Boldly Bans ‘Tradiewear’

Is there anything worse than dropping into your beloved local pub for a few quiet drinks, only to suddenly find yourself in the presence of tradespeople?

The answer is probably, “Yes, loads of things are worse than that”. But in the view of the staff of the Marsden Brewhouse in north-west Sydney, that’s at least on the list of Undesirable Pub Occurrences.

According to a policy posted on the door of the newly-opened Marsden, staff have the right to refuse entry to anyone wearing certain Nike footwear, bumbags and male satchels – which would rule out Jerry Seinfeld in that one episode, which seems a bit harsh on Jerry.

But the harshest rule of all is the pub’s ban on “tradie-wear” after 6pm. Meaning if you want to drink a beer while simultaneously wearing hi-vis or workboots, you better get that in at lunchtime, because the Marsden Brewhouse wants no part of your ostentatious displays of working-class apparel.

Or at least, someone at the Marsden Brewhouse wants no part of it. The pub’s owner Arthur Laundy, a man of some distinction when it comes to pub-owning, stated he never approved the policy, and that it was taken down as soon as he was informed.

So the mystery remains: who, at the Marsden Brewhouse, put the dress code in place? And what did tradies ever do to them?