GQ Gave Donald Trump a Makeover

"Really hunny, those shoes with that shirt?"

As the saying goes, “the higher the monkey climbs, the more he shows his tail” and when it comes to Donald Trump, we’re seeing more and more tail by the day. Our favourite erratic world leader has found success in a variety of fields. He has conquered the Business world, bamboozled his way to the top of the political food-chain, he even has the suspiciously low golf handicap of 2.8. However, when it comes to his style, the current leader of the free world is in desperate need of a helping hand. Don’t you worry Don, the fashionista’s over at GQ US thought they’d go ahead and give you a hand in looking a little more “presidential”.

It all seems a little too easy. Unfortunately, a new suit and a snazzy haircut still don’t make up for his plethora of other shortcomings. With ole’ man Don not known as one to take advice from anyone, we’re pretty sure the fake tan and clown tie are here to stay.