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WIN! The Ultimate Van Heusen Mix & Match Suiting Wardrobe Worth $1,000

Whether you’re dressing it up, dressing it down, or finding yourself somewhere in between, the key to making the most out of your suit wardrobe is to master the art of mixing and matching. No one understands this better than the good folk over at Van Heusen, which is why they’re giving Man of Many readers the chance to win the ultimate mix-and-match suiting setup worth $1,000! But before we get carried away, you might find yourself asking, what are the keys to mixing and matching successfully? Well, we’ve already put together an in-depth Guide to the Fine Art of Mixing & Matching, or you can watch our Instagram video below for some inspiration.

When it comes to your suit game, a strong mix-and-match foundation comes via the power of neutral colours like black, grey, and navy, or more adventurous but still muted shades of sky blue, beige, brown, and dark green. Each looks great as a whole ensemble, but pair your navy blazer with beige suit trousers and you’re unlocking a whole new aesthetic. The same goes for your dark green blazer and black trousers, and so on. Playing around with colour in this way can create a look that’s either less formal or just more interesting. 

With your foundation in place, you want to consider a couple of the rules around colour. The first of these is the Three Colours Rule: if there are more than three colours in your outfit, you’ll struggle to achieve a harmonious look. Ideally you want your base colour to be around 50-60 per cent of your outfit (in our case this would be the blazer), complementary colours to be around 30 per cent (trousers), and your shirt’s colour will make up the remaining 10-20 per cent. 

Then you want to take Colour Theory into account. This states that there are three main colour schemes in clothing: complementary colours, analogous colours, and monochromatic colours. Complementary colours aren’t great when it comes to suiting, so we’ll focus on analogous and monochromatic colours. 

Image: Van Heusen

Analogous colours sit adjacent to one another within the colour wheel and can be used to build a look that’s cohesive (e.g. blue, green, and teal work well). This creates a stage on which accessories like a pocket square or tie can be the star of the show. Alternatively, taking the monochromatic approach involves using a range of shades within a single colour. This can be a good excuse to introduce elements of pattern into an ensemble, while keeping the overall look monochromatic (e.g. match a light grey checked blazer together with darker grey or black trousers for a highly sophisticated look).

This introduction of pattern demonstrates there’s more to mixing and matching than just colour. Elements like fabrics and prints play a key role in the final result. With the muted foundation of your suit in place, you’re free to be more playful when it comes to your shirting and accessories. Whether you choose to explore luxurious floral patterns, strong checks, geo prints, or a bold candy stripe, shirts can transform a final ensemble. This also applies to accessories like your tie and pocket square. While we’d recommend plain accessories if you’re going for a patterned shirt and vice versa, experimenting with these elements is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd.

Image: Van Heusen

With that covered, let’s get down to what we’re here for: winning a $1,000 Van Heusen suiting wardrobe! Van Heusen’s new season range has been designed to let you put all of the above into practice, featuring a broad range of sharp linen suits in neutral tones, shirts that range from traditional to daring, and a plethora of perfect finishing-touch accessories. All you need to do is place your details in the entry form below. And once you’ve entered be sure to visit Van Heusen’s online boutique to explore how you’ll spend the $1,000 if you’re our lucky winner!

WIN! The Ultimate Van Heusen Mix & Match Suiting Wardrobe Worth $1,000