All out of Bubblegum with IRL Screen-Blocking Glasses

The IRL Screen-Blocking Glasses have a purpose—to help us control technology, and not the other way around. Screens are everywhere, from computers to the walls of our homes or restaurants. We seemingly can’t go anywhere without being assaulted by their imagery. But do we need to have such constant exposure? What happens when we no longer see those screens every second of every day.

irl sunglasses frame

The IRL glasses use horizontal polarized optics to block out LCD and LED screens. The lenses of the glasses are polarized, flattened, and rotated in such a way as to block out the light of the screens. It’s not just TV and monitor screens, however. The glasses also block harmful UV rays as well. The design for the glasses was inspired by the sunglasses from the movie “THEY LIVE.” In the movie, the hero, Rowdy Roddy Piper, finds a pair of sunglasses that block out advertisements and reveal the truth—perfect inspiration for the IRL Screen-Blocking Glasses.

irl sunglasses front

While the glasses only block LCD and LED screens, if there is enough demand for the IRL Screen-Blocking Glasses, there are plans to create glasses that also block smartphones and digital billboards (OLED).

So pick up a pair and plenty of bubblegum, because we all know what happens when there isn’t any bubblegum left.

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