Arc’teryx Veilance Leather Goods May Have the Best New Wallets in the World

The wear and tear on the leather in our pockets that we rely upon is taken for granted. It’s leather, it’s meant to be stressed and abused. But the truth is, leather does ultimately wear out and you will need a new wallet or cover or case or any of the many leather goods you rely on and never think about. Which is why Arc’Teryx Veilance put so much time and energy into coming up with leather goods that are not only thin and beautiful but also stand the test of time more than just about any other leather wallet or passport case on the market today.

arc teryx veilance leather thinness and softness wallet

Now what makes Arc’Teryx Veliance leather goods so different in their design is more than just the incredible thinness and softness—it’s that each piece is laminated together, rather than stitched together. In fact, it’s an entirely new type of laminating technology that is unique to Arc-Teryx Veliance leather products, meaning that the added durability or look won’t be found anywhere else on the market. By doing this they have combined simplicity and strength and created leather products that are both useful and eye catching at the same time.

This leather wallet is one that you will use for years to come, something you can go back to taking for granted.

Check it out

arc teryx veilance leather wallet side

arc teryx veilance leather wallet back side design

arc teryx veilance leather

arc teryx veilance leather attached by pin

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