Australia Finally Has its Own Pair of Homemade Pluggers

Australia Finally Has its Own Pair of Homemade Pluggers
January 13, 2018 Joe Cutcliffe
australia finally own pair homemade plugger sandal

Australia Finally Has its Own Pair of Homemade Pluggers

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The humble thong is as ubiquitous in Australia as the Mrs Mac’s rat coffin or canned beetroot on burgers. Thing is though, whether you’re a sucker for standard-issue servo sandals or a hardcore Havaianas tragic, most of this country’s favourite footwear is made offshore from synthetic materials, and isn’t very high-quality.

Enter Thongs.

Suitable name, huh? It’s no-nonsense, just like the product they’re spruiking, and the people who are wearing them. The idea is simple: Australian made thongs for Australian thong wearers.

classic black sandal thongs single layer model

Aussies aren’t just known for repping their most favourite comfy pluggers on home turf. You can spot an antipodean just about anywhere in the world, from the summery white sands of Waikiki to the dreariest of dank drinking holes in outer London. The Australian male’s most recognisable trait is, almost certainly, his aversion to closed-toe footwear, buckles or straps. Remember these guys? Heroically foiled a robbery and found fame for bustin’ ‘is pluggers in the process. ‘Straya.

I guess not all heroes wear capes, but the best ones definitely sport flip-flops*.

classic black sandal thongs for women

Made in Melbourne using techniques normally adopted to manufacture both mining and medical-grade equipment, these bad boys are crafted from natural rubber compounds instead of the nasty man-made stuff. This makes them ultra-robust and very comfortable. The unique blend of techniques ensures durability, matched equally with a refined and precise finish. Craft pluggers, who’d have thought?

Offered up in two formats, the “Classic Black” is the lightest model, weighing in at a dinky 200 grams. If you’re after something a little more rugged, the “Dual Black” is a thicker, harder-wearing thong, tipping the scales at a hefty 240 grams. You can order either style in any colour you like, as long as it’s black.

Sort yerself a pair

*Yeah, yeah, it’s not orthodox to call them this, but you write 300 words about thongs without saying “thongs” 36 times.

classic black sandal thongs in the hand

classic black sandal thongs wearing foot

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