Back in Black – ONA Black Leather Collection

ONA, the New York-based purveyor of fine bags, has channelled their inner AC/DC with the latest variations on five of their best designs, which are now back in black leather. It’s the first time they’ve opted for the fully-black leather look, which is inspired by leather motorcycle jackets and the black-and-gold aesthetic of the SoHo shopfronts found in NYC.

camera accessories in the ona leather bag

The bags in question consist of the Clifton, a rugged leather backpack, the Kingston briefcase model as well as the Brixton, Prince Street and Bowery messenger bags. Each varies in price but they’re all designed around modern convenience, with most having enough room for your laptop, tablet and camera.

ona black leather side pocket

ONA have designed the bags with the ever-elusive quality of timelessness in mind, but if you’re after a slice of New York cool that can be worn across the shoulder, then the Black Leather Collection should carry the burden.

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