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Balenciaga’s Qixi Collection Robot Dresses Better Than You

It’s as simple as that really. Balenciaga has kept its foot firmly to the floor in creating the biggest moments in fashion year after year because whether we’re talking about Kanye West’s latest Yeezy Gap ensembles or Nicole Kidman dressing up in a Balenciaga trashbag, you just can’t get through a week without spilling a little Balenciaga news. The brand’s latest foray is in the world of robots, and sorry, but they dress better than you.

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Taking some time off from creating trashed sneakers and handbags with speakers in them, Balenciaga is turning its focus to the world of WeChat and in celebration of the Qixi Festival. This time assembling an exclusive range destined for top Chinese clientele that, according to, is sometimes a hard sell among young Chinese shoppers.

In reference to this year’s Haute Couture unveiling in Paris, Gemma Williams said; “Balenciaga’s “ugly beauty” look is controversial and often a hard sell among China’s young shoppers, though Chinese celebrities are especially keen on haute couture; appearances in it by younger celebrities like Liu Yifei, Victoria Song, Roy Wang Yuan, and Cai Xukun cause heated discussions online. And the brand’s risky ‘anti-consumption’ message is a gamble, but if it can cut through the noise, it might well win a new clientele for Balenciaga and haute couture as well.”

In response to the reactions of Haute Couture, the Balenciaga Qixi Festival collection takes a simple approach to its garments and delivers a highly wearable selection that’s sure to be a hit amongst shoppers. We particularly love the washed black denim found on jackets and jeans, alongside your typical selection of caps, tops, pants, shirts, shorts, and outerwear in signature cuts. The full collection also includes swimwear, Runner and Triple S sneakers, Knife pumps, slides, Hourglass bags, and BB Icon jewellery in exclusive styles, but it’s likely that Australian shoppers will miss out on some of these keys pieces.

For a full look at what’s available in the Qixi Balenciaga collection, check out the link below. To dive further into the weird and wonderful world of Balenciaga robots, check out the original videos by Andrea Artemisio, where physical robots interact romantically and lovingly.

Check it out (Man) Check it out (Woman)

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