Bellroy Bags Flex Whichever Direction Life Takes You

Work is no longer fixed to a desk. Opportunities take you to exotic locations, and the lines between work and play are intertwined more than ever. Bellroy gets it. So the Melbourne brand has expanded its range to include bags that flex whichever direction your life takes.

Bellroy bags help you carry with greater ease and simplicity. After honing its craft on slim wallets, phone sleeves and the likes, Bellroy backpacks and shoulder bags keep it slim and sturdy, but on a larger scale.

bellroy bag on the desk

“With wallets, every millimetre matters. If cards don’t sit perfectly or there’s any dead space, you notice,” says Bellroy co-founder, Andy Fallshaw. “Being fanatical about how contents sit and stack and play together means that, as we scale that up to bags, we can design pieces with less bulk and better freedom.”

From a backpack that doubles as a tote, to a weatherproof work bag with expandable sides or a classic daypack with surprising detail on the inside, Bellroy’s bag range has it all.

bellroy bag back side

The Classic Backpack (AUD 189) takes a familiar format and adds integrated lumbar support, a new way of incorporating your tech and new fabrics. Smart yet simple. Formal yet relaxed. The Slim Backpack ($199) holds things you need yet nothing more. It’s designed for urban creatives who like it smart and streamlined.

For the modern professional who likes it streamlined, the Slim Tote ($239) holds your day’s essentials in a minimalist silhouette. Like a little self-contained world of focus, the refined Slim Work Bag ($239) is formal, yet relaxed.

black bellroy bag on the chair

The Duo bags are about offering ‘wiggle room’ with expandable sides and hidden straps. Duo Tote Pack ($369) has two modes – tote and pack, slim and expanded, work and play. Finally, the Duo Work Bag ($349) has two modes as well – in the hand or over the shoulder, slim or expanded. These two bags are for all the duality that exists in our day-to-day.

It’s clear Bellroy loves bags almost as much as we do. You can explore Bellroy Bags online right now. In case you missed it, Bellroy and MAAP launched a slim range of smartphone and wallet carry options for cyclists, and Bellroy’s Designer Edition wallets are really really ridiculously good-looking.

Check it out

 bellroy bag in the men shoulder

 bellroy bag on the floor

 bellroy bag in the women shoulder

gray color bellroy bag

black bellroy bag in the left shoulder

laptop in the bellroy bag

hand in the bellroy bag

 bellroy bag beside women

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