Bellroy’s Shift Backpack is Your New Stylish Carry Option

Bellroy is one of the finest accessory brands on the planet. So when they drop a line of new products, you can expect us to stop, take notice, then tell you all about it.

The Shift Backpack is one of two stylish new carry options. The other being the Classic Backpack Plus. Shift is suitable for both the open road and the workplace. It’s designed to ‘shift’ through life’s environments.

Made from water-resistant Venture-weave polyester and premium tanned leather, the Shift Backpack offers 22L of optimised storage space. The main compartment has padded storage for a 15-inch laptop, and all items inside the bag sit high up in for easy reach and to protect your devices from being crushed. This compartment is secured by a slide hook that can be easily opened and closed with one-hand. It can also be adjusted to suit capacity.

bellroy shift backpack main compartment

There are water-resistant YKK zippered pockets on both sides. Use them to store keys, a wallet, passport or any other essentials, for quick access or last-minute stowing. The shoulder straps offer lumbar support, and a removable sternum strap keeps you carrying comfortably all day long.

Like all Bellroy products, the Shift Backpack is covered by a 3-year warranty with 3 colours to choose from: Moss, Black and Ink Blue. The backpack is priced at AUD $279. Bellroy offers free postage across Australia.

I’ve been using Bellroy’s Micro Sleeve for about 18 months now, and it’s the best wallet I have ever owned. I’m tossing up between adding Shift or the Classic Backpack Plus to my Christmas list.

Check it out

bellroy shift backpack side pocket

bellroy shift backpack slide hook

bellroy shift backpack shoulder straps

bellroy shift backpack available now

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