Black De Ville’s Masculine Rings Emerge from Beautiful Darkness

Sydney jewellery label Black De Ville has launched a new collection of masculine rings under the banner “Beautiful Drkness.” That’s not a typo.

These men’s rings look like they were forged in the fires of Mordor and shaped by an 18th-century blacksmith. It’s actually not too far from the truth. Label designer Harley Woolven handcrafted each ring individually and took inspiration from natural objects rather than jewellery made on machines. The hand finishing process means every piece develops its own character resulting in the final product being unique and exclusive to the wearer.

Woolven is recognised for his unconventional, deconstructivist designs. He typically melds clean lines and geometric silhouettes with free-form organic movement. All Black De Ville jewellery is handcrafted at Woolven’s Sydney studio using high-quality Australian 925 Sterling Silver with small, medium and large sizing options.
You can find the SS18 Collection – Beautiful Drkness rings online via the link below.

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black de ville's masculine rings beautiful darkness

black de ville's masculine rings for men

black de ville's masculine jewellery rings

black de ville's masculine rings in hand