Happy Holidays from BOSS and Aussie Artist Jeremyville

Hugo Boss has joined forces with Aussie cartoonist Jeremyville for a playful clothing and accessories collection right in time for the holiday season. The collection is pitched as Sleek BOSS designs colliding with playful Jeremyville artwork in a limited-edition collection, featuring a cityscape inhabited by a unique cast of characters.

Jeremyville has garnered international and critical acclaim for his playful and thought-provoking imagery created in a distinctive, cartoon style. Now based in New York, the artist created one of his signature cityscapes exclusively for the BOSS holiday campaign. It features four inhabitants representing a playful take on traditional holiday preparations. The lead characters include his now iconic bunny, and, to celebrate Chinese New Year, a pig.

hugo boss jeremyville sneaker

These bold designs are printed in bright colour on all sorts of items including dress shirts, tees, sneakers, jackets, backpacks, neckties and scarves to name a few. Each piece is crafted with BOSS’ signature premium materials and craftsmanship. We’re talking dress shirts made from Italian satin and sneakers with Italian leather. The holidays are all about bright colours. BOSS x Jeremyville adds style to that holidays/summer quest for loud and obnoxious fashion.

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hugo boss jeremyville dress shirt

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hugo boss jeremyville keyring

australian cartoonist jeremyville